Pregnancy: What is it for me?


Pregnancy in Wikipedia means, the fertilization and development of one or
more offspring, known as an embryo or fetus, in a woman’s uterus.

But aside from its scientific meaning, what is pregnancy for you?

Have you come up with a deep realization of what is it for a woman and for a man as how they think about it?

I’am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife and a common citizen.
I wonder what impact it could have in extracting my innermost thought of what is pregnancy when I step up for each of these characters I’am into.


First, As a woman, what came out of my mind is that PREGNANCY is something that leads to ANOTHER START.

There were turning points in our lives that are given or known, such as girls turning lady at 18, an adult turns old at 60 and some of its kind. Yet some of it is just behind our realization.
A great transformation of one’s self can also be considered a turning point of his/her life.
The marriage could be one.
Pregnancy could be the next big thing for a woman.

As we all know, every turning point could as well be another start, so as Pregnancy becomes the woman’s turning point, this leads to the start of another new in her life.

In this thinking, I came up to get empathy to those who were not given a chance to bear a child on their womb.

From marriage, the point goes straight to the life of maturity without the sequence of child bearing, caring and the endless connection to this creature from own blood and flesh.
The story might differ upon adopting other’s child yet the essence of PREGNANCY or bearing is still not there.

I might sound secure for PREGNANCY as woman’s completeness, so my sorry for those whose unfortunate regarding this matter. I don’t mean to judge their maternity perhaps I had just thought of how hard it is for them to haven’t experience that point in life.

PREGNANCY really is a beautiful chance and a good start for a WOMAN.
A START to call family, a FAMILY. A START to strenghten the foundation the WOMAN has built, whether for her family or if she hasn’t one, is atleast for herself and her life ahead.


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