Hush.. Dont Cry! You Are Pregnant!

Hush.. You are Pregnant!

Hush, you are pregnant!

I understand that you just couldn’t stop grieving.
You feel dumped… You were neglected… Nobody’s there for you… You have your 6 other kids and their good for nothing father left you with this… You’re discriminated… You got nothing on your pocket and got to have a home for comfort with your condition… Whatever it is that you bear on your shoulder that cause you tears… Hush now! It will not be good for you and your baby.

Some experts has been explaining this throughout some ages. Scientists has done their research and Doctors never fail to give reminders about this.

Pregnant women should avoid getting STRESS.

The emotional negativity affects the growth and development of the baby inside womb of the mother. Some cases of mild to heavy bleeding which sometimes resulting to abortion due to this matter has been reported and considered an evident cause of baby’s death.

How cruel! Isn’t it?

If it is the situation you are into was the thing that is to be blame of for your emotional grievance, then let it be the trashbin of your misfortunes. Just don’t get it into your veins and make yourself the cause of much painfull loss.

Treat your problems the other way around.
Let me hand you a suggestion…
Why don’t you think for the baby you are carrying as the key for your success someday. That he/she might posses the things you wish you had for yourself and makes you equally proud. Let live into him/her the only hope that’s left with you. With faith and prayer above all these, you’ll see the sun rise.

Problems are always there whether you are aware of it or not. If it fills your senses already or you’re just numb.
But behind problems, GOD’s presence is much to fill your mind.


About Kreeme Mendoza Alba

I'm a mom.. Writing and reading complete my daily habbit. I can hum few songs and had tried to write some.. I'm curious and imaginative but within reality, I can do better as wife and mom.
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